Part of our mission at egg is to expand the availability of good food to people who don’t have access to it, and so from time to time we throw our support behind local groups who are working toward that goal in our neighborhood. Here are some of the groups we’ve worked with so far: they would love your help, as well:

Automotive High School Garden

Since around 2006, on the north end of Bedford Avenue, the Automotive High School been developing an organic garden as part of a program led by Jenny Kessler called “The Land, Food, and You.” This course educates local teenagers about food and agriculture by involving them in gardening, exposing them to current debates about food policy, and taking them on trips to local farms, such as Hawthorne Valley in Ghent. It’s a truly transformative experience for a lot of the kids who take this course.

We host regular benefit dinners to raise money for the garden and the class’s field trips. The menus feature produce both from the school’s garden and ours. We aim to host another dinner every semester, and to support the school in other ways as well, by hosting cooking classes, providing job training, and guest lecturing to classes about our end of the food business.

You can see pictures from our dinners and the Auto Garden’s other work on their Flickr stream. If you’d like to help with the garden, we’d be happy to put you in touch with Jenny Kessler: just drop us a line.

Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen

For the past few years, the Greenpoint Reformed Church has hosted a soup kitchen every Wednesday night to feed the hungry of our neighborhood. The soup kitchen is interfaith–it’s been run in cooperation with Congregation Ahavas Israel and the Greenpoint Islamic Center–and successful: they feed 70 to 80 people every Wednesday, using a small crew of volunteers and a kitchen only slightly bigger than a Manhattan studio galley.

To help the soup kitchen fulfill its mission (and help them improve their facilities), we raised money for them by sponsoring a pie drive: we asked customers to buy soup kitchen slices of pie the soup kitchen’s customers for Christmas. Nearly 70 people helped out, so we made 10 pies and took them to the church along with the $700 we’d raised selling them.

You can learn more about the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen and find ways to help at their website, or you can speak to us and we’ll put you in touch.

BK Farmyards

For Valentine’s Day, we sold hand-printed cards to raise money for BK Farmyards, which takes underutilized land in Brooklyn and turns it into miniature farms. Last year, they converted a handful of backyards into highly productive, super-efficient gardens that fed landowners and CSA subscribers all summer. This year, they’re setting their sights high: in addition to converting more yards to micro-farms, they’re partnering with the High School for Public Service in East Flatbush/Crown Heights to start a 1 acre youth farm. This farm will bring fresh, locally grown produce to a neighborhood with virtually no other access to it.