This event is sold out! Thank you to everyone who signed up or tried to: we’ll post pictures of the dinner afterwards and keep you informed of our next one in a month or two!

On the north end of Bedford Avenue, the Automotive High School has spent three years developing an organic garden as part of a program led by Jenny Kessler called “The Land, Food, and You.” This course educates local teenagers about food and agriculture by involving them in gardening, exposing them to current debates about food policy, and taking them on trips to local farms, such as Hawthorne Valley in Ghent. It’s a truly transformative experience for a lot of the kids who take this course, and as part of our mission to expand access to good food to people everywhere, we’re throwing our support behind it.

They can use your help, too: join us for a benefit dinner on Monday, November 2 to raise money for travel expenses and gardening supplies for the school. The cost is $50 a person, with every cent going to the school. You’ll get a chance to meet some of the students, hear from the teacher, and taste some of the produce they’ve been growing.

If you’d like to attend, please email us or ask a server at the restaurant to sign you up. If you’d like to help but can’t make the dinner, you can drop off a donation at the restaurant and we’ll make sure it gets to the school (and gets you a receipt for your accountant, as well).

Photos from the Automotive High School’s garden project are available on Flickr.