Mother's Day

May 10 2009

We’re growing on several fronts this month: the farm is coming along, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Ann and Maggie:

getting there
ann on the march

There’s also a little box garden at the restaurant, as much as a reminder of what we’re around for as for eating—though the lettuce is all ready to eat and is delicious. In spite of having been sat on by neighborly drunks who think a ranunculus looks like a good place to perch for a smoke.

out front

On our apartment roof, some seedlings are taking advantage of greenhouse-like conditions in Brooklyn and a sea of blinding silver tar paint to get a head-start on the season:

corn, among other sprouts

We’re also growing a baby who’s about to hatch, with any luck on this here mother’s day, of whom pictures will surely follow.