When it Rains

June 15 2009

While we’ve been drowning in the city, our farm was weathering a 10-day drought in the Catskills–not a drop of rain for the first week and a half of June. But we seem to be sitting on a series of springs up there, and our plants have starting coming up even without rain: beet greens are shin-high, peas are begining to creep up the trellises, and radishes are literally popping out of the ground.
We’ve got some of those radishes and bushels of lettuces in the kitchen this week–heritage Tom Thumb lettuce, sturdy Parris Island romaine, arugula and mustard greens that survived an attack of the flea beetle in addition to that dry spell.
first take
We’re off to the races, at any rate: now we’re just trying to get the fence up before the deer notice the salad bar we’ve grown them.