Farm Volunteers!

March 22 2011

We’re looking for volunteers to help us tend to our farm this summer. Our farm is tiny by farm standards, but big by gardening standards–about 1 1/2 acres–and we grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Working here is a great way to learn about cultivating a wide range of plants, from flowers grown for tea to heirloom varieties of beans to semi-wild blackberries.

We’re looking for enthusiasm as much as anything else, though the ability and willingness to do hard work under a hot sun are of course important. We’re also looking for someone to commit to a regular schedule: even if it’s only 5 hours 1 day a week, if we can count on you, we’d love to have you. We can’t offer you lodging or transportation to or from the farm, but we can promise you some good exercise, good company, and a great chance to catch your breath and grow.

Some of the things you’ll be doing include preparing beds; weeding; harvesting, washing, and packing; starting seeds; and pruning. If you’re handy, you can help us build trellises, tables for our greenhouse, or a mobile hutch for our slug-eating ducks.

You’ll learn a lot alongside our farm manager, who works year-round at planning and preparing for the growing season. You’ll learn about how a farm’s work plugs into a restaurant’s needs, and see the cycle that runs from seed to table to compost heap in a uniquely pure form. If you’re interested in the growing end of the farm-to-table movement, this will be a great place to gather experience.

Experience is welcome, but not necessary: what’s more important is drive, a love of getting dirty, and a passion for growing great food.

Email a cover letter and resume to if you’re interested.