September Rebound

September 18 2009

Even as it cools off and the leaves start turning upstate, we’re planting and harvesting more than ever. The big bang of June and July was muted by rain, and that rain cast a shadow over most of August: it took the plants, and the garden itself, a while to recover from the monsoons.

A month of steady weeding and careful replanting has led to a very productive September, so far. The cool rain that did in our tomatoes has been great for lettuces, and it didn’t seem to do much harm to the collards that we’ve just started bringing home this week.

We closed up shop for two days this month and got a few people from the restaurant up to the farm to see where the kale and radishes and beets we’ve been preparing and serving all summer have come from. After a short tour of the beds, some agricultural recreation began: lying in the grass, sitting on the porch, and, after sunset, burning all our blighted tomato plants on a pyre worthy of the Inquisition.