Farm Dinner #4

August 15 2011

The packing lists that accompany our produce deliveries from our farm are stretching out to a page long, and we’re just getting going. Along with the usual suspects like kale and chard and beets, we’re getting amazing little ground cherries, which look like a cross between a cherry and a tomatillo (we’re getting those, too). They taste like an extra-sweet tomato chased with a sip of wine.

If the weather holds, they’ll be on the menu at our next Farm Dinner, which is coming up in 2 weeks: Wednesday, August 24th at 8:00 pm. We’ll also have tomatoes and eggplants and peppers from the farm and we’ll build a menu around them and a variety of fish and shellfish from Westport Aquaculture and Sea 2 Table. The dinner will include 4 courses and dessert and will cost $65. As usual, there’ll be just one seating: reserve now to make sure you’re in on it!

If you’d like to make a reservation, call the restaurant at (718) 302-5151. If you’d like more information, you may call or email

IMG 3703
Krissy gathering lettuce before the heat sets in