Project List

July 19 2008

When we closed on the farm in December, I envisioned a field full of ripening tomatoes and feathery lettuces by this time of year. Instead we have one large overgrown meadow and two small patches of scrappy peas and overgrown sunflowers. I knew getting things planted would be more work than I could anticipate, and I guess I was right. So here are the things I’d like to do before next spring so that we have everything in order for next year’s planting:

  • get soil tested
  • mow and dig under the meadow (so the overgrowth this year can fertilize the soil over winter)
  • dig in fenceposts for deer fencing
  • repair electric fence around the pasture
  • clean out the barn
  • propagate apples
  • fix well pump in pasture and set up irrigation system
  • learn something about planting

Are we forgetting anything? Want to help?